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Scoutpilot: Cherry pies tomorrow... Mar 15, 2019 14:23:25 GMT -5
Scoutpilot: Dream on those cherry pies boys...Good night. Mar 15, 2019 18:45:49 GMT -5
Scoutpilot: Good. Hot. Coffee. And Cherry pies.... Mar 16, 2019 4:34:19 GMT -5
m38mike: I'll take a slice and a cup. Thanks. time to start doing taxes. Think I've got all the pieces finally. Mar 16, 2019 7:02:02 GMT -5
grumpy: No cherry pie thank you, but I will have COFFEE. Off to play in the mud again today, did I mention I HATE MUD, REALLY REALLY HATE MUD. Mud chains are heavy, I dislike chaining up laying in the mud, I f-ing hate mud. Muley likes mud more than me. Mar 16, 2019 8:00:21 GMT -5
rickg: Did someone say the M-word? >:D Mar 16, 2019 9:08:01 GMT -5
64cj5: Our mud here in NE Wyoming is Bentonite clay and it is sticky. I am in the Hate Mud group! Mar 16, 2019 9:44:22 GMT -5
leemn: Mee too! Mar 16, 2019 14:50:44 GMT -5
Scoutpilot: Glad none were blown away. Now to keep Y'all from floating away! I've been through that area after a major spring flood. Sleep tight, dry and warm Y'all. Mar 16, 2019 18:49:49 GMT -5
Scoutpilot: Just coffee this morning, unless somebody brings something. Good morning fellas. Mar 17, 2019 4:32:17 GMT -5
m38mike: Mornin' Boss. Spent time draining the driveway yesterday. Gonna rename the place from Thirsty Dirt Ranch to Soggy Dirt Ranch if this melt off keeps going. 50's and sunny for the next couple of days. Mar 17, 2019 6:00:22 GMT -5
oilleaker1: Shack , 50's this coming week. Get ready for the runoff! Mar 17, 2019 16:23:49 GMT -5
Scoutpilot: Night boys. Mar 17, 2019 18:28:12 GMT -5
cline48: John No not yet. The Mighty Mo need some relief. Maybe in two weeks you can let it warm up. Mar 17, 2019 21:53:01 GMT -5
Scoutpilot: Coffee's ready. Good morning. Mar 18, 2019 4:27:48 GMT -5
leemn: Coffee is great!, diet week here!😮, no baked goods as we need to lessen the steering wheel rub! 😮😂😂😎 Mar 18, 2019 5:45:35 GMT -5
oilleaker1: Tired of this key hole to post with. POS. Mar 18, 2019 6:08:00 GMT -5
grumpy: Oily, I feel your pain I’ve been without my iPad the last couple days just using iPhone it’s a pain. No coffee this morning Mar 18, 2019 7:42:26 GMT -5
oilleaker1: Guess who's back in town with a full sized screen. I'm very happy with my new laptop. Mar 18, 2019 17:50:18 GMT -5
Scoutpilot: Yay! A down-in-the-mouth Oileaker is worse than a Grumpy Grumpy! Good night boys. Mar 18, 2019 18:41:02 GMT -5
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